Every April, Spartans join together to participate in the Global Day of Service. Due to precautions taken surrounding COVID-19, regular in-person Day of Service activities will be replaced by the Virtual Global Day of Service on April 18, 2020 presented by the MSU Center for Community Engaged Learning, Alumni Office and MSU Federal Credit Union. However Spartans choose to serve, we appreciate their service and their support of our essential workers during this time. Please post photos and videos of your service activities with the hashtag #SpartansServe for the chance to be featured on our website and social media pages.

If you haven’t registered yet, sign-up here and take a look at ideas for your service project below!

Part of an RSO, sorority/fraternity, or just want to connect with some friends? Sign-up using the registration link above and indicate that your group is participating by selecting “A group project via Zoom” when asked what you’ll be doing.  Create your own project or choose from our list and indicate this when prompted!  Whatever you choose to do, have the coordinator of the project set up a video call so you all can work on the service project together. 

Don’t forget to download the MSU Civic Life App to track your service hours.  If you log 100+ hours you are eligible to receive the Spartan Volunteer Service Award, a presidential recognition. 

Ideas for Virtual Service Projects:

  • Check out our list of remote volunteering opportunities for a wide variety of organizations to get involved with
  • Do a project with a group via a Zoom call
  • Have meals delivered to the hospital emergency room, police department, local grocery store
  • Write thank you notes to healthcare workers, law enforcement, delivery workers, grocery and pharmacy workers
  • Post positive pictures and messages on Facebook and tag organizations where essential workers are employed
  • Reach out to a senior center or other residential care facility and offer to serve as an email pen pal
  • Reach out to a friend or family member who might be feeling isolated
  • Make a sign or poster with a positive message to put outside your house
  • Make a chalk drawing in your driveway or sidewalk for neighbors to enjoy
  • Create a social media challenge for you and your friends
  • Donate to your local food pantry
  • Coordinate a drive past someone’s house for their birthday
  • Consider adopting or fostering a pet
  • If you play an instrument or sing, consider playing outside your house for your neighbors or posting an uplifting song on social media
  • Make masks for friends and family
  • Make your own mask and how-to video hashtag #MIMask
  • Make a basket full of self-care items and drop it off at a neighbor’s house, place of work of essential workers, etc.
  • Donate blood
  • Offer to go to the store for someone who is elderly or has a compromised immune system
  • Walk an elderly neighbor’s dog
  • Download ResQWalk, an app that donates money for however long you walk your dog, and then walk your dog
  • Clean out your closet and set aside clothes that you can donate at a later date
  • Promote a cause using your social media account for the day
  • Write letters to lawmakers about COVID-19, or anything you are passionate about
  • Make snack bags to leave on your porch for delivery personnel
  • or create your own project!


Student Resources:

If you are seeking university resources as a result of being impacted by COVID-19, or want additional information, please view these pages: