We prepare students for lifelong civic and social responsibility.


We envision community engaged learning as core to the MSU mission and that all Spartans contribute to a culture of social good.

Guiding Principles

As part of Michigan State University, we embody the core values of the university. 

In addition, we believe that to build an equitable society, we contribute to social justice through:

  • Partnership — Encourage the development of authentic relationships focused on assets, reciprocity, and a shared committed to social justice
  • Community Building — Foster connections, collective space, and experiences to encourage authenticity, acceptance, and belonging
  • Leadership Development — Collaborate with students as they grow in their civic identities and their capacity to intentionally contribute to a common good
  • Critical Reflection — Guide community-engaged learners as they make meaning of experiences and expand understanding of their roles in social change.
  • Social Innovation — Embrace inclusive and collaborative approaches that lead to systemic, social, and environmental change

Strategic Priorities Areas

As CCEL looks toward 2030, we will proritize our work within four priority areas:

  • Student Success — The Center for Community Engaged Learning will be recognized as being an essential part of the MSU student success strategy by campus leaders, faculty, staff, students, and community partners.
  • User Experience — Faculty, staff, and community partners will have a positive user experience when engaging with CCEL through programs that promote a sense of belonging.
  • Branding and Communication — CCEL will be recognized as a quality brand at MSU, demonstrating leadership in our field and establishing community engaged learning as an essential part o f the Spartan experience.
  • Strategic Leadership — Position CCEL as a known entitity and a trusted partner across MSU, within communities we serve, and among national networks.