Thanks for Joining the Challenge!

2020 Virtual Summer of Service Challenge

Thank you to those that participated in the 2020 Virtual Summer of Service Challenge. Take a look at all of the projects that participants could have done, and try some out!

If you complete any of the projects, feel free to log your hours on the MSU Civic Life App. Logging 100+ hours from November 11, 2019 to November 12, 2020 makes you eligible to receive the Spartan Volunteer Service Award.

Service Projects

  • Upcycle something! Take an old article of clothing and transform it into something new. Have a jar laying around? Decorate it and use it to save coins in or use it as a flower vase. Old cereal box sitting in the recycling bin? Cut it and decorate it to turn it into a magazine/folder holder. Find other ideas online!
  • Create your own service project! Feel free to repeat one of the projects that was your favorite, or explore something new.
  • Do something nice for a friend, family member, or neighbor! Cook dinner, clean up the kitchen or bathroom, offer to help someone with a task, go for a socially distant walk with them, etc. 
  • Gather old books, magazines, movies, or cds, and donate them to your local library, community center, etc. when allowed (call ahead to check!). Create bookmarks with positive messages on them and place them in the books before donating.
  • Engage in a citizen science project that interests you. Sign up for one on, or find one on your own. A quick Google search will show how you can help scientists around the world right from home.
  • Download the ResQWalk or Charity Miles app to donate money to charities by taking your dog, or yourself, for a walk, run, or bike ride. (If you don’t want to download the app(s), feel free to get outside for some time and donate to an organization of your choosing, or play on to donate rice instead!)
  • Make your own service project! 
    • Need ideas? Make cookies for someone you know that is an essential worker. Donate money to a non-profit you’re fond of. Support a cause on your social media accounts. Start a book club. Donate blood. Get take-out from a local restaurant. Water a garden. Pick up trash at a local park. The opportunities are endless!
  • Choose a virtual volunteer opportunity off and register to try it out. Find something you normally wouldn’t do and see if you enjoy it!
  • Pick up litter and debris around your neighborhood. Make sure to wear a mask and/or gloves if you are in a public setting, like a park. Don’t forget to wash your hands thoroughly when you are done!
  • Clean out a closet/basement/cluttered area of your residence and set aside gently used clothes, toys, games, school supplies, and/or household items to be donated at a later date.
  • Write a digital letter (or two) to veterans, first responders, and others on the frontlines of COVID-19 through Operation Gratitude.
  • Write a letter to or call a lawmaker about something you are passionate about, or sign some petitions (or start your own) on, or find a campaign on to advocate for an issue of your choosing. There are even ways you could win a scholarship for certain campaigns on 
    • To find out who your lawmakers are, you can simply search online for their information, as it is available to the public. 
  • Write letters or emails/draw pictures for care facility residents and/or workers to check in and share a bit of positivity.
    • Send your emails and letters to nursing homes, assisted living facilities, treatment centers, etc. in your community. If you are sending letters to residents, check with the care facility how they would like to receive them. If they cannot accept letters for some reason, let the facility worker(s) know that their work is appreciated and you send everyone well wishes!
  • Do something nice for a neighbor! Offer to cut their lawn, walk their dog, get their groceries, weed their garden, water their plants, ask if they need help with anything, etc. Make sure you ask for their permission first!  
  • Write a letter or email/make a poster/draw a picture/create something to share your thanks and support for essential workers.
    • Send letters/emails to hospitals, grocery stores, pharmacies, nursing homes, etc. in your community, or give them to neighbors/family/friends who are essential workers. Place posters in your window or on your lawn to show your support. Post your thanks and support on your social media accounts, too! 
  • Check in with a friend/family member/neighbor/colleague who may be feeling isolated, stressed, and/or anxious during this time.  The more individuals you check in with, the better!  


Bonus Projects

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