CCEL can facilitate workshops for your students to help prepare them to serve and to reflect on the experiences they are having while engaging with community.

Workshops for Students Participating in Academic Community-Engaged Learning:

  • Community Engaged Learning Orientation: This orientation can be completed electronically or in-person and steps students through the basics of safely entering community and being good stewards of the opportunity to serve.
  • Situated Spartan: The Situated Spartan is a Power & Privilege 101 session that covers personal identity; social identity; culture; and power and privilege. This workshop is interactive with multiple exercises to help demonstrate these concepts.
  • Asset-Based Community Engagement: Students create their ideal community using craft supplies & recycled materials. Facilitators then lead a discussion regarding the ample assets a community may possess, why it is important to enter a community from an asset- vs need-based lens and emphasizes the value of local expertise and abundant resources that already exist within communities.
  • The Elements of Community Partnerships: This presentation uses real-world examples and interactive exercises to discuss the elements of building and sustaining community partnerships for students who may be forging their own partnerships and/or serving within community organizations.
  • Community Action Poverty Simulation: In this interactive workshop, students begin to understand the systems in place in our communities that create challenges for people who are economically disadvantaged. Students are given family scenarios and funds for a week and complete a series of tasks as one would in a community (pay bills, take children to school, etc.), navigating challenges and obstacles along the way. This is a facilitated experience with considerable built-in reflection and discussion.