Please note that all community engaged learning opportunities are virtual until further notice.

Volunteer Opportunities

My Spartan Story

My Spartan Story (MSS) captures beyond-the-classroom activities that may include, but are not limited to: leadership programs, student employment, research positions, internships, and community engaged learning opportunities. Once activities are collected, validated, and MSS learning outcomes are obtained, experiences may be included on the students' Spartan Experience Record (SER).  The SER captures all activities outside the scope of academic credit and will accompany the MSU Academic Transcript as an official document of the University. 

The Center for Community Engaged Learning (CCEL) is excited to partner with My Spartan Story to provide MSU students a platform to find volunteer opportunities that if completed could become part of the Spartan Experience Record.    

Community Engaged Learning

Community Engaged Learning is a teaching and learning strategy that integrates meaningful community partnerships with instruction and critical reflection to enrich the student learning experience, teach civic, and social responsibility, and strengthen communities.

The Center provides a variety of Experience Types and Implementation Strategies, along with anticipated learning outcomes for each of the volunteer opportunities. In addition, we also have aligned our volunteer opportunities with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals in an effort to increase global education and awareness, while serving with your local community.

In preparation for your volunteering experience, please review above links and familiarize yourself with them. This will assist you in registering for a position that will be meaningful to you and give insight to your community partner's mission.


One of the Experience Types the Center offers is Volunteering. Volunteering provides opportunities to serve with various community partner organizations that are intended to promote goodness and/or improve human quality of life.

To fulfill our mission, we encourage that each student completes the entire process outlined below. This will assist everyone in making connections between the action of volunteering and the growth of knowledge acquired from orientation, training, and reflection.

In order for MSU students to have their community engaged learning experience reflected on their Spartan Experience Record, we would like to encourage that all of our volunteer opportunities include the following steps:

Before you register

It is recommended that you complete the following requirements as soon as possible.  Once complete, it may take up to 5 business days to update your profile, which will allow you to register for a volunteer opportunity.

Find a Volunteer Opportunity!

First time Users – Creating your first volunteer record

  1. Visit My Spartan Story
  2. Login with MSU NetID and Password
  3. Click on the community engaged learning tab on left navigation
  4. Select Opportunities
  5. Select “view available programs/courses”
  6. Select Volunteering as your Experience Type by clicking on “Apply” and "yes" to confirm (this will create your first record)
  7. Make sure to read terms and conditions before proceeding to “search opportunities”
  8. Click on “search opportunities”
  9. Navigate to “Opportunities Catalog” on the left navigation

My Spartan Story Catalog

This catalog houses many Spartan experiences, including current volunteer opportunities. As you search, you are able use the “heart” to save an opportunity to view later by filtering on “view my saved opportunities”. To locate current volunteer opportunities, please click on the black circle and filter on “Community Engaged Learning”.

Register for a volunteer opportunity!

  • Review the volunteer opportunities available
  • Upon selecting an opportunity, either click the “heart” to save for later or click the title and begin the registration process
  • Once you click on the title, you will be sent to your account page. First step is to see if you have met the requirements for this position.  Click on “View Requirements'' to proceed. 
Requirements are satisfied.
  1. Select “Choose This Opportunity Placement”
  2. Select “Volunteering” as your Experience Type and “Submit”
    1. If your opportunity has flexible days/times then your registration is complete and you will arrange your schedule with your community partner directly
  3. Select your Attendance Slot (day/time you are committing to volunteering every week) by clicking “Take Slot”
  4. Congratulations you have successfully registered for a volunteer opportunity!
Requirements Needs to be completed

Use the links below to complete the requirements needed.  Note that it may take up to 5 business days to process your information and update your profile.  Please try and register once the requirements are satisfied.

You're registered!

What happens next?

  • Students have access to placement description, site contact information, and the option to change their attendance slot on their Position Overview page.
  • Your community partner will be notified of your registration and will contact you within 3-5 business days.
  • Start volunteering!

While you are volunteering

Logging your hours for approval

We ask that each time you volunteer, to log your hours (this may mean one or several entries depending on your volunteering position)

  1. Login to My Spartan Story
  2. Click on community engaged learning on left navigation
  3. Click on opportunities
  4. Select which current volunteer opportunity you would like to log hours against
  5. Find the hour tracking (Step 2) and select the “submit hour tracking”
    1. Complete number of hours, date completed, and description of tasks performed
    2. Click “submit”
  6. Repeat # 5 (above) as many times as needed to complete your volunteering experience

Once You Have Completed Volunteering

Email All Hours for Approval

Once you have logged all of your hours, you will need to email them to your site contact for approval.

  1. Login to My Spartan Story
  2. Click on community engaged learning on left navigation
  3. Click on opportunities
  4. Select which current volunteer opportunity you would like to log hours against
  5. Find the hour tracking (Step 2) and select the “Email All Hours for Approval”
  6. A new screen will appear with text fields including your email address, your site contact email, email language (body), email signature space for you to complete.
  7. Hit Send 

Student Evaluation of Community Partner

  1. Login to My Spartan Story
  2. Click on community engaged learning on left navigation
  3. Click on opportunities
  4. Select which current volunteer opportunity you would like to submit an evaluation
  5. Complete evaluation form 
  6. Click “submit”

Learning Outcome Submission

  1. Upon completion of student evaluation, submit Learning Outcomes by determining if you agree with anticipated Learning Outcomes.

Community Partner Evaluation of Student

  1. Once you have completed the Learning Outcome Submission, your site contact will be notified to complete an evaluation of your volunteer performance
  2. Once they have completed this step your volunteer experience will be approved for Spartan Experience 

Want to sign up for your next volunteer opportunity?

  1. Login to your My Spartan Story
  2. Click on the community engaged learning tab on left navigation
  3. Choose Opportunities
  4. View current experiences
  5. Choose Summer 2021 VOL volunteering  
  6. Above the Steps box, to the right, there is a blue icon, click on it 
  7. Click yes to confirm that you would like to repeat (add an additional) the experience to your record 
  8. Scroll down to light blue placement box where it states, “you haven’t been placed yet” and start searching for you next volunteer opportunity

Spartan Experience Record (SER)

Now that you have completed your volunteer experience, you can view this information by: 

Go to 

  1. Choose student resources
  2. Records
  3. Transcripts - Your SER is an option when filling out the request form.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or would like one-on-one consultations, please contact a member of our Beyond the Classroom Programs Team, listed below.

  • K.C. Keyton, Program Manager,
  • Tina Houghton, Program and Special Projects Manager,
  • Abigail Machesky, AmeriCorps VISTA,