The Honors College at MSU offers an Honors Option with a Community Engaged Learning Focus, in partnership with the Center for Community Engaged Learning. The option offers Honors College students the opportunity to earn honors credit while gaining meaningful, hands-on experience that benefits the community.

Honors Options with a Community Engaged Learning Focus enables students to:

  • Connect classroom learning with community experience

  • Engage in a meaningful project that benefits the community

  • Participate in orientation and training

  • Reflect on civic responsibility

Student To-Do List:

1. Check whether your course is approved by the department for Honors Option credit. Courses used for Honors Options must be at least 2 credits. Only a few exceptions apply. Please check with your HC advisor if you have questions.

2. Talk to your professor early in the semester to see whether they would be willing to oversee an Honors Option. The professor must approve the format, timeline, and scope of the project. You can let them know that you are interested in a community engaged honors option and that you will be coordinating with the Center for Community Engaged Learning.

3. Contact Stephanie Brewer ( at the Center for Community Engaged Learning to discuss community engaged options.

4. Complete an Honors Option Agreement Form located on the Registrar's website by selecting “Student-Instructor Forms.” The form ensures that student and instructor agree on the details of the H-Option project.

5. At the end of the semester, the professor approves the Honors Option in the Student-Instructor Forms System if the work was completed and the department's requirements satisfied. The quality of an Honors Option project does not affect the grade assigned for a course; however, in some cases a minimum grade must be earned in a course before the Honors credit associated with the Honors Option can be awarded.

Contact us to learn more

Erika Crews

Honors College

Eustace-Cole Hall, Room B30

(517) 355-2326


Stephanie Brewer

Center for Community Engaged Learning (CCEL)

Student Services Building, Suite 101

(517) 355-3306